Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

WHITES Ltd and its associates, successors and assigns provide you with their goods and services subject to the following terms and conditions, which are also referred to as our terms and conditions of trade (' Terms of Trade '). You agree to be bound by these Terms of Trade by agreeing to purchase a product from us.

Please fill in our' contact' section of this website, otherwise please contact us at help@WHITESeth.com if you need to contact a WHITES representative. WHITES reserves the right, without prior notice, to change and change these terms, and it is incumbent on the user of the website to return to this page in order to review the changes made. Any changes to these Terms shall take effect from the time the website has been posted. It is recommended that you review this section before purchasing any product. The last modification of these conditions was in May 2018.



We are confident that we can provide the world's best teeth whitening kit. This is why, our 100% Money Back Guarantee is available.

We guarantee that your teeth will improve by a minimum of 2 shades whiter after using our Teeth Whitening Kit

Follow the following instructions simply to qualify for our money back guarantee.

  1. Before using, teeth whitening kit take a picture of your teeth.
  2. After completing the kit, take picture of your teeth along with used products.
  3. Email the above mentioned, to our customer experience team at ((help@WHITESteeth.com).
  4.  Your request is processed within 3 days after submission.

Please be aware that the photographs have valid date and timestamps, and that you must apply within 30 days of receiving the product.

Refund will not be authorized in applications not fulfilling this criterion. If we are not satisfied (acting reasonably) with the supporting proofs you provide to us, we reserve the right to refuse a refund application.

Prices, Payment and Product Availability

 You must pay the price indicated in the purchase price of the products concerned on our website (under the paragraphs below) once a purchase order has been made. Before making a purchase you have to confirm what is in the cart. For products purchased incorrectly, we do not provide refunds.

Only the methods specified on our website can be made for payment. Until payments are received for those products, we will not ship any ordered products. The price of our products does not include delivery, unless stated otherwise.

 You warrant and represent to us by placing an order with us:

  1.  You understand, and agree to be bound by, the nature and effect of these Terms ;
  2.  You are legally authorized to purchase the products ordered
  3.  You are authorized to pay for the products ordered using the selected payment method and legally authorized to do so ;
  4.  In connection with your purchase the information is complete and accurate.
  5.  You agree to compensate us for any and all costs, losses, damages or costs that we may bear or incur in connection with any breach by you of the warranties referred to above.

WHITES will endeavor to make available at all times the product and quantities advertised on this site. That can't always be guaranteed, though. WHITES makes no warranties regarding the availability of its products and is not liable for any products not available at the time of check-out. When this happens, the customer will be notified as soon as possible and advised on what to do to solve this problem. WHITES's prices are subject to change without notice with the exception of those products purchased on a subscription basis.

In the event that website malfunctions or errors such as technical difficulties have occurred, the price of your billing or shipping information has been displayed incorrectly, we have reason to believe you are unauthorized or legally entitled to make the purchase, we are convinced that you have violated these Terms and Conditions.

Customer notification shall be made available to us immediately after we have been informed of this, and any payment already received will be refunded back.


From time to time, we may run promotions where certain products are offered for sale at discounted rates or a combination of products.

 All promotions depend on availability and the duration of the stocks.

Any products bought outside of WHITES's advertised time-frame will not be entitled to the promotional price.

 In case no promotion period is specified, the corresponding promotion ends on platforms of WHITES. 

Terms of Product Use

You must use the products only for the purposes in accordance with the instructions given. You have no entitlement or right to sell, license or distribute our products to third parties under these terms.

This site is a purely oral / beauty online store. However, we advise you to consult your physician / dentist / doctor or physician before you purchases any products listed on this site that are not substituted for professional medical advice. Your doctor or health care provider may answer any questions about the possible treatment of any medical condition or questions about medical issues. In relation to your medical questions, WHITES can and will not give or provide any advice. No medical professional resource is substituted for this site.

We are not, and this is not implied, a doctor / physician. The whiteness of this product will depend on factors like the structure of the teeth, the number of times it is used, and the duration of each whitening session from customer to customer. The differences in the teeth of people may not even whiten teeth, and WHITES cannot be held responsible for unwanted outcomes unless you meet the criteria of our money-back guarantee. It is recommended to whiten with time and keep regularly up in order to keep white teeth. Dental work like veneers, crowns, bridges or cavities will not whiten the whitening product. By placing an order via WHITES, you take all of the risks and complications that may arise from your use of the product.

People  Below 18 , have health problems, who are pregnant, OVERLY SENSITIVE TEETH, WEAR BRACES, PERIODONTAL DISEASE OR GUMS THAT ARE IN POOR CONDITION, HAD RECENT ORAL SURGERY, DECAYED TEETH, HAVE COLITIS, HAVE JAW PROBLEMS, HAVE ROOTS EXPOSED, or allergic to ingredients  inside gel should consult medical professional before using it. Before using any of the ingredients in the gel or products remains the user's responsibility to ensure you are not allergic to them.



Shipping and Handling Information

All orders placed (except those placed during peak periods of time) will be delivered within 3 working days from our warehouse. Please allow up to 6 working days for shipping during peak periods.

Deliveries are made to your nominated shipping address and you are solely responsible for ensuring the completeness and correctness of the provided address.

Delays, damages to or loss of shipments or orders to wrong, invalid address or correct addresses are not the responsibility of our company. WHITES will help trace the missing parcel if a product is lost during transit as much as it is reasonably necessary.

Orders may end up being sent back to us for different reasons, e.g. no fees, duties or taxes, incorrect address, post office unclaimed etc.

In case, package is returned or rejected, email to help@WHITESteeth.com for redelivery arrangements and will be charged for all postage costs.


Shipping Time-Frames

 Suisse Post Tracked: 5-30 Business Days

US Armed Forces:
Untracked Standard: 25-35 Business Days

Australia Post Standard: 4-6 Business Days
Australia Post Express: 1-2 Business Days

Tracked Standard: 6-10 Business Days
DHL Express: 2-4 Business Days

United Kingdom:
Royal Mail: 2-4 Business Days
DPD Next Day: 1-2 Business Days

Suisse Post Tracked: 5-15 Business Days
Suisse Post Express: 2-5 Business Days

* All shipping times exclude delays for clearances / duty and other delays in situations beyond our control.

Note:-All time frames for shipping are from the date of shipment ,not the date your order is placed.


Taxes, Fees and Duties

If, or after delivery, charges, duties, taxes on imports / exports and excise duty, as also other charges or appraisals may be imposed or levied in relation to the ordered products by any national, state or local government and their departments and subdivisions. These costs are not included in the original transport fee and you must pay these fees in addition to the amounts indicated on our website. For such charges, you shall not be entitled to WHITES payment or refund. If the requested fees, duties and taxes, or valuations are not paid and the items are returned to us, we will refund the returned goods minus the cost of returns.

Please contact your local customs office, if you are unsure of the charges and if you would be concerned.



We offer a subscription service, so that you can buy a new set of your selected WHITES products, which will be delivered to your door at the time you purchase them on our website.

By buying a subscription you agree, at the subscription rate provided for at the time of purchase of the subscription, to pay the initial and recurrent fee and to pay all recurring fees until you cancel your subscription. The subscription payment is automatically deducted from your nominated account and the product is dispatched after payment has been successful.

You have a duty to ensure you have enough money on your nominated account to satisfy your subscription payment for each billing period and to reimburse us in the event that you do not pay for any loss or damages suffered by us.

If the payment for any goods is overdue, your subscription can be cancelled or suspended until payment has been made.

 In accordance with our cancelation policy, you are allowed to cancel your subscription at any time.

  1. a) Subscription Cancellation

You can unsubscribe at any time on the account portal of our web site or by emailing us with the e-mail address and full name that you used to register with, and our subscription specialist will support you.

You will receive modifications to your account from the time WHITES confirms to you in writing.

Please ensure you allow three business days for cancelling your subscription. We will not be able to interrupt your parcel or reimburse you once your registration fee has been deducted and your order has been delivered.


  1. b) Change Subscription Frequency

You can change a subscription frequency for one, two or three months at any given time on the account portal or by emailing us with email addresses and full name, which you have previously registered with at subscriptions@WHITESteeth.com. This will be helped by our subscription specialist.

Changes to your account are made when WHITES confirms that your correspondence in writing has changed.

Note: - Between subscription orders, the maximum frequency shall be 3 months.


  1. c) Change Subscription Products

At any time you can e-mail us at subscriptions@WHITESteeth.com or you can modify the products you receive on the site's account portal. You can add or remove items that affect the fee payable for your subscription.

Upon confirmation by WHITES in written correspondence, changes to your account will take place.

Just send us an email with the email address and name that you had signed up with at subscriptions@WHITESteeth.com and our subscription specialist will help you.

 Returns Policy

If you feel an item is defective, you must first send an e-mail to help@whitesteeth.com, describing your situation.

Depending on the type of teeth or teeth /stains the user can experience, the results will differ greatly from person to person. It might take several months to get rid of tough stains in your teeth. We at WHITES cannot repay purchases unless the product is defective and in accordance with our Money Back Guarantee you are eligible for a refund.

Only if the defective product is sent to us or if a video demonstrates (to our satisfaction) that the product is faulty, will WHITES offer a refund of the defective product within 30 days of receiving it. We shall review your claim as soon as possible and will reimburse you for the defective product if we are sure that your product is defective.

We provide our LED lights with a five (5) year warranty. If it does not work for any other reason anymore and you have used it in accordance with our instructions at any time within five (5) years after you receive the LED light, we shall provide a replacement LED light free of charge to you. You can either return the LED light to us to present a claim under this warranty or provide us with a video showing how the LED light is no longer functioning in 5 years from the date you received it. If we are satisfied that the LED light is no longer working, we will send a new LED light to you so soon as we can check your claim.

It is your responsibility for the cost of shipping when you choose to return the defective product to us. The refund shall not be specific, but shall be limited to the cost of returning the item by regular mail. The user is responsible for the return of an item expressly and only the actual normal mail is reimbursed as a partial refund. It is up to the user to understand this.


Limitation of Liability

As much as the applicable law allows for:

  1. no warranties or representations other than those expressly provided for in these Terms are made by us ;
  2. All terms, representations and warrantees excluded from these Terms and Conditions in relation to and provision of our products by law.

 If any law implies any term or warranty in these Terms and also prohibits provisions in a contract that exclude or modify the application or exercise of or liability under that term or warranty, that term or warranty shall be deemed to be included in these Terms.

 We expressly exclude liability for all as far as is permitted by applicable law:

  1. special ,indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or damage to you, as may result from, the provision, the use or other equipment or property of, our products ;
  2.  loss, damages or cost, as a result of any act or omission by any third party service provider, which you incur or suffer (as the case might be) ; and
  3.  Profit loss, business loss, income, goodwill, or expected savings.

 Where any law implies any term or guarantee and also prohibits provisions in a contract that exclude the application or exercise of the term or guarantee in these terms, our liability for an infringement of such terms or warranties will be limited, to the extent permitted by law, to any one or more of the following, as far as our sole option is concerned: 

  1.  the redeliver of our products
  2.  Payment of the costs of supplying the goods again.

 As far as law allows, when for any reason we are, in respect of the products provided, directly or indirectly liable to you, the maximum aggregate liability for all claims made by you shall be the amount charged by us for these products.


Dispute Resolution

A party to these Terms may not initiate judicial proceedings in respect of disputes resulting from these Terms, except for proceedings seeking interlocutory relief, unless it has complied with the provisions of the process of the dispute resolution, unless otherwise provided by these Terms.

 A party shall provide the other party with a notice (conflict notice)


  1.  What the party thinks is in controversy
  2.  To resolve the dispute and the reasons for which that party has these requirements.

 Where the conflict is not resolved within five (5) business days of receipt of a dispute notice, the parties are to appoint a mediator approved by both parties, within two (2) business days. In the 15 days following the appointment of the mediator, the parties must ensure it takes place and concludes mediation.

No evidence is admissible in any subsequent procedure of anything said or done in the context of trying to settle a dispute. The parties shall continue to act in compliance with these Terms during the dispute resolution process.

In the event that the dispute is not resolved by mediation, either party may end mediation within 30 days of the delivery of the dispute notice.

 There shall be borne equally between parties to dispute, the costs related to the appointment of a mediator.

Each party shall pay its own legal costs and dispute disbursements, subject to the foregoing paragraph.


Intellectual Property

All Intellectual Property Rights subsisting on the website, our products and our branding are owned except as held by our suppliers or licensees. In no way can you be granted any rights or rights of any kind whatsoever regarding our intellectual property rights under these Terms or through our website.

 In our intellectual property rights, we reserve all rights, title and interest.

Intellectual Property Rights refers to intellectual property rights conferred by statute, common law or equity in any part of the world, including (without limitation), trademarks, patents, copyright and neighboring rights, domain names, designs, know-how, circuit layouts, moral rights, rights of acquisition, inventions and other intellectual activity outcomes.



Except as provided on our website, these Terms contain the entire agreement between the parties herein and no representations, inducements, promises or oral agreements or otherwise not contained herein shall have any force or effect other than as expressly stated in this document or in writing after the date hereof and signed by a properly authorized representative

If any of these terms are prohibited by law or found by a court to be unlawful, void or impractical, the provisions shall be severed and rendered ineffective, if necessary, without altering, and shall in no manner affect any other circumstance or the validity or execution of these terms. The provisions shall not apply to all other conditions and shall not be deemed ineffective.

These terms apply to the law and are to be construed under these terms.

Each of the parties irrevocably and unconditionally shall have the exclusive competence, in relation to any proceedings in respect of those Terms, of the courts and all courts which may hear appeals from those courts.

In the absence of or delay in exercising a power or right by us, power or right does not act as waiver. The exercise of power or right in the future does not prevent the use of power or rights. Unless written, a waiver is not effective. A waiver of a power or right is effective only in the particular cases it concerns and for the particular purposes in question.

Without our prior written consent, you shall not assign your rights or obligations under these Terms to any other individual.